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Used Coffee Burlap Bags

At JavaVino we roast all our coffee. Most of our coffee we buy farmer-direct and of course the bulk of our coffee comes from my folks’ coffee farm Selva Negra in Nicaragua.

Pictured to the right is a Selva Negra worker hand painting our coffee bags.

Most coffee is exported in burlap bags. A few countries like Jamaica use barrels…but most use the burlaps bags you see here. Go ahead pick one up and smell it, that’s the smell of green coffee, it has an earthy, musky scent before we roast it…you are probably getting a little burlap scent in there too.

Used burlap bags have a lot of character and we feel they deserve a second home!

At JavaVino, sorry you do need to show up in person. They are $2 each for burlap bag - You get what is available, orgin undetermined

Burlap bags have many uses from mulching, gardening, pet beds, throw pillows, hand bags. Our coffee burlap bags are reasonably clean but may have a few coffee beans still lingering inside. So be creative, buy a bag and give it a new use.


Does your business need wholesale sustainable coffee? Check out our wholesale section, through Beanealogy. We provide freshly roasted micro-batches of coffee to coffee shops, restaurants and non-profit organizations in the Atlanta area. Think local, buy local.

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